Lydia Morgan

Miracle Worker
Biker Bitch

Lydia started sewing at a young age with the guidance of her grandmother and mother, who were both seamstresses. When Lydia bought her Harley Davidson in 2001 and saw that many bikers wore a vest with patches on them, she thought, why couldn't she sew on leather.

She bought an industrial sewing machine in 2002 and did her own patch sewing. Soon friends and acquaintances saw her work and asked where she had it done. The request to do sewing for others became quite the demand. She has been sewing now for over 43 years and leather sewing for over 13 years.


What They Are Saying...

"Not just a seamstress, an artist with thread! I would recommend her to anyone. Great prices, fast turn around time. Simply the best"

"Lydia, you did a great job on the old ' man's vest! Thanks for getting it back to him so quickly!"

"I trust her more then I can say and her work is the best."